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Real Estate Investors

We know that challenging market conditions create buying opportunities for the smart investor. However, successful “value” investing does require contrarian strategies and superior market knowledge. At New West Consulting it is our goal to provide individuals and smaller investment groups with sophisticated, yet affordable decision tools.

Thus, if you are considering purchasing or selling commercial real estate, we can provide you with detailed market information and honest recommendations from the position of a disinterested third-party. As an independent valuation firm, we don’t have potentially conflicting interests in other business activities such as brokerage, development or accounting. We quote fixed fees or hourly rates and do not accept commissions or contingency fees.

We offer a wide range of consulting services that include:

Lease Abstraction and Income Analysis

Commercial real estate leases are commonly very complex documents; with intricate provisions for increases in rental rates and the process for allocating expenses between the landlord and tenant. Additionally, terms “buried” in lease renewal options can have a profound impact on the long-term cash flow of a property and its market value.

Locational Analysis

Searching for your next real estate investment, let us help. The analytical team at New West Consulting has developed an exceptional combination of commercial real estate knowledge and technical expertise. Instead of relying on guesswork or following the decisions of others, our team can provide you with a comprehensive array of customized “tools” to improve your investment selection process or optimize your existing property portfolio.

Risk Analysis

We can assist investors in their risk analysis process by providing detailed market information, such as existing competition, occupancy levels, and new product in the development “pipeline.” We also offer detailed absorption (gross and net), leasing activity, and rental rate data over the past ten years for any user-defined market area within Maricopa County. For larger income properties, we can usually offer this information down to the property level.

Let our knowledge and experience assist you.



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