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We know that challenging market conditions make planning a new project a much more difficult task. Instead, of just adding one more building to an overcrowded market, a successful new project must now have a high degree of product differentiation and also possess locational superiority. Importantly, in this instance locational superiority does not mean the best high-traffic corner situated in the most upscale part of town, it means finding an underserved, niche market area for your proposed project.

For the smaller developer, obtaining financing through bank lenders or investor groups will require persuasive, but extremely well documented and market-supported feasibility projections. At New West Consulting it is our goal to provide developers and smaller investment groups with sophisticated, yet affordable decision tools regarding proposed development projects.

Locational Analysis

Searching for just the right location for your development project, let us help. The analytical team at New West Consulting has developed an exceptional combination of commercial real estate knowledge and technical expertise. . Instead of relying on guesswork or following the decisions of others, our team can provide you with a comprehensive array of customized “tools” to improve your site selection process.

Feasibility Studies

If a developer or investment group is “shopping” for a feasibility study with predetermined conclusions; then NWC will be of no use to them. Our preference is to provide our developer/investor clients with the detailed market information and decision “tools” they need to reach their own conclusions. However, we are available to provide “second opinions” upon request.

Comprehensive Market Data

New West Consulting maintains an extensive database of market information, including sales, leasing activity, rental rates, and economic conditions to support its commercial appraisal operations. This data is available on a fee-basis as a part of our market research services.

Importantly, in order for us to avoid any potential conflicts of interest, New West Consulting will not perform valuation appraisals or services for any project or property for which we previously provided consulting services, during the three years prior to the appraisal request.

Let our knowledge and experience assist you.



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