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Our own experience suggests that every working appraiser believes that he or she performs their work with integrity and adherence to all appraisal standards—this is what most of us do. Unfortunately, there is always temptation to allow ourselves the occasional (or not so occasional) lapse from strict standards of integrity when we feel it suitable to do so: to meet a deadline, please a client, avoid getting into hot water, or make improper promises to obtain appraisal work.

Some appraisers ignore this and try to absolve themselves from their ethical responsibilities by portraying their decision as merely pragmatic. This cannot be done honestly.

Recognizing this everpresent temptation, New West Consulting has implemented a number of operational policies that promote integrity and adherence to all appraisal standards. These policies include:

An expanded clientel base; with no single client providing a significant portion of total company revenues

A NWC client cannot be a hired advocate for a particular value direction or appraisal results. Therefore, New West Consulting does not perform appraisals for litigation support or property tax appeals.

All appraisal assignments must be directed to the firm; individual staff appraisers are not permitted to have “their own clients.”

Use of a software-based “workflow” control system that includes comprehensive audit functions.

Regularly scheduled company meetings that are focused on regulatory and ethics topics.

Hiring only staff members with a commitment to quality and excellence.

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