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Unfortunately, client focus, as it is too often practiced in business today, is overtly one-sided. It is all about the benefit to the firm—not to the client. When client focus simply becomes another tool for seller profit improvement, clients notice.

At New West Consulting, we know that if we do what is good for our clients, we will gain more than our proportionate share of business. Nothing motivates repeat appraisal orders or referrals better than trust-based relationships between an appraisal firm and its clients.

To us, client focus is exemplified by quoting fair and reasonable fees during peaks in the demand for appraisal services. It is reflected in our willingness to complete “hard-to-place” appraisal assignments located within distant rural communities. Our client focus also includes routinely providing market data, such as demographic profiles, property-market benchmarks, and/or factual property information at no charge to our clients.

Most importantly, client focus is best achieved by developing opinions of value with credibility, reliability and accuracy.

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