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New West Consulting relies upon a collaborative-centric business concept that takes full advantage of several software tools that are now priced within reach of smaller professional firms such as ours.

Application of this concept results in a collaborative working environment that also includes shared-learning among peers. Instead of working in relative isolation, our appraisers are able to quickly distribute new market information, or insights gained from an unusual appraisal assignment, using company discussion boards and an electronic meeting place that we call town square.

Our appraisal workfiles appear as individual web-sites with full information rights management enabled to ensure confidentiality and compliance with privacy laws. Moreover, these “smart” workfiles are able to remind appraisers about scheduled property inspections or upcoming deadlines.

These collaborative tools also enable two or more appraisers to work simultaneously on the same shared document; even if one appraiser is working from an off-site location. Great for rush assignments!

Importantly, a collaborative-centric valuation firm is only successful when each appraiser clearly benefits from their participation. Thus, our success means economies-of-scale are achievable on the personal level.

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