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New West Consulting possesses the specialized experience and competency necessary to complete appraisal assignments for Charter and Private school facilities. The scope of our experience for this property group extends from small Montessori pre-schools all the way to ranch-style boarding schools.

Arizona has been a leader in the charter school “movement” since enabling legislation was enacted in 1994. Presently, there are approximately 500 charter schools operating within the State, with almost 113,000 enrolled students. Charters now comprise 10% of the total number of public schools in Arizona. .

However, when charters are viewed, not as schools but as a distinct real-property type; “500” quickly becomes a small number. Thus, few appraisers possess the experience necessary to competently value charter schools.

Appraisal problems usually can be eliminated upfront by carefully matching the appraiser with the property type when ordering an appraisal for special-use real property.

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