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Religious Facilities

Places of Worship comprise another specialty property group that is covered by the appraisers of New West Consulting.

It is a commonly held perception that buildings used for religious purposes rarely sell or change ownership. While this assumption may hold true for older, established cities with static populations; it is not applicable for the rapid growth communities of Arizona.

In our State’s long-term growth environment, it is quite common for religious congregations to outgrow the expansion capabilities of their existing facilities. Concurrently, sustained population growth has also enabled numerous start-up congregations.

Moreover, new immigrants from abroad have introduced their respective religious faiths into the communities of Arizona. Thereby creating more demand for places of worship.

The appraisers of NWC are also sensitive to the specific building requirements of various faith groups.

We routinely complete appraisal assignments for religious-use properties when congregations seek to construct new facilities, expand existing buildings, or obtain funding for making capital improvements. Call us.

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