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New West Consulting’s coverage of the office market is strategically restricted to those office projects with three or fewer stories and/or smaller than 70,000 SF in size. More specifically, our firm’s market niche for office properties emphases the valuation of suburban and ruralsited buildings.

This selective coverage of the office sector allows us to better allocate our firm’s resources and provide our clients with superior valuation services. It also simplifies the task of maintaining our in-house knowledge-base of market cycle-related influences across Arizona’s different geographies; from metropolitan market areas to the smaller cities and rural communities. Additionally, we track
the economic structures, as well as local demand-supply dynamics for each market zone.

While cyclical changes in the office market may result in challenges for some, they also create excellent purchase or real estate investment opportunities for others. We offer individual and small-group investors an independent “second-opinion” when considering the purchase or sale of an office property.

Office property sub-types that we cover include:

  • Build-to-suit
  • Condominium
  • Industrial / commerce office
  • Low-rise
  • Medical
  • Multi-tenant
  • Single-tenant


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