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New West Consulting is an established appraisal firm co-founded in 1997 by Gary Granville, Certified General Appraiser and Neil Kilby, MAI, SRA. The core business of our firm is to provide accurate and timely valuation services to the lending community; primarily banks, credit unions and commercial-mortgage bankers. However, we also do prepare appraisals for individuals, real estate investors, financial planners and estate executors, and developers.

New West Consulting is not a “one-stop” appraisal firm that claims coverage of all facets of real property valuations. Instead, it is our effective use of market segmentation that allows us to excel within our selected market niches. Thus, we have intentionally narrowed the focus of our appraisal coverage to “mid-tier” and neighborhood-level type properties. This property-level segmentation allows us to include most of Arizona’s non-metropolitan communities within our regular geographic service area.

It is our extensive rural-market experience, gained from years of completing appraisal assignments in Arizona’s non-metropolitan (commercial property) markets, that sets NWC apart from other appraisal firms. Additionally, as a result of the number of rural-market assignments completed by NWC each year, our appraisers are able to “network” and develop relationships with brokers and market participants across Arizona.

New West Consulting also has considerable expertise in several specialty-property types, such as convenience stores (including highway travel centers), carwashes, self-storage/boat-storage facilities, RV parks, charter/private schools and religious facilities. Please visit the “Market Coverage” section of this website for descriptions of the various property types that we appraise, along with a map graphic that shows our geographical service areas.

Our firm believes that integrity is essential to a satisfactory client relationship. Thus, we pride ourselves with being a small, independent appraisal firm that does not conduct other business activities such as accounting, brokerage, or development that could result in potential conflicts of interest. Moreover New West Consulting follows a business model that requires a diversified client base, with no single client providing a significant portion of the firm’s revenues. While this is a good business practice, it also acts as a preventative measure against potential appraiser bias due to improper client pressure.

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