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Market Studies

Change is the one common characteristic of all real estate markets. Identifying and understanding the interrelationship of the dynamic forces and influences
that drive a real estate market can help informed real estate investors make decisions that maximize investment returns…or minimize loses.

Our Market Studies are used to identify and profile the competitive environment for a selected property or location; including a comparative analysis of specific
competing properties against the “background” of market forces and influences.

New West Consulting maintains an in-house research and data collection unit that is continually updating and expanding our proprietary database of (commercial real estate) market information, including confirmed sales and rental data, aggregated construction costs and operating expenses.

Our researchers also collect local and national economic information; track the performance indicators of most major property types (including absorption trends, new additions to supply, occupancy levels, and shifts in market preferences).

NWC also emphasizes its in-house coverage and analysis of economic cycles and their various sub-cycles, such as real estate development cycles, capital market cycles, demographic-growth cycles, and even market “psychology” or investor perception cycles.

Change requires us to look and think beyond the current market environment into the future. Accurately identifying both future opportunities and risks is the key to successful real estate investing.


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