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New West Consulting strongly believes that well-researched and timely market data provides the foundation for accurate and reliable appraisals. The best valuation analyses can result in erroneous or misleading conclusions, if based upon outdated or incomplete market information.

Our company staff includes positions that research, catalogue, and confirm market data. Although, NWC subscribes to a number of third-party data services that cover major commercial property types; or  provide specialized demographic information, we also collect our own extensive market information to supplement subscription-based data.

Additionally, we maintain an in-house database of  proprietary market information that is derived from the large number of appraisal assignments that our firm performs in the non-metropolitan areas of Arizona.

Challenging real estate markets require the best in research and data gathering. Research is much more than briefly stopping into a local real estate office and simply requesting “some comps.”  Our knowledge of local markets across the state of Arizona is what sets New West Consulting apart from the competition.

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