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New West Consulting offers its clients superior quality appraisals at competitive fees. All of our fees are quoted individually for each assignment, based upon these four major criteria:

1. Complexity of the assignment;
2. Availability and cost of obtaining data;
3. Requested reporting format; and
4. Required turn-around time

Many individuals applying for a first-time loan on a commercial property are “surprised” at the range of professional fees charged by commercial property appraisers. This often occurs when appraising non-conforming or specialized properties, especially those with modest market values or selling prices.

In general, the more complex the appraisal assignment, the longer it will take to complete, and the higher the resulting fee will be. Importantly, the complexity of an appraisal assignment is not directly related to a property’s market value or anticipated selling price.

Call us for a fee quote on your next appraisal order and see the difference.

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