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Our normal turn-time for preparing a summarized-level-type Appraisal Report for a standard commercial property is typically between two and three weeks. Complex or out-of-town assignments may require extra time to complete.

If we charge a premium for an “expedited” appraisal assignment, we are simply recovering our own increased expenses, primarily in the form of overtime compensation to our staff appraisers for working extended hours to achieve completion by the assignment’s deadline.

We will not “bump” an assignment to the top of our job queue for an increased fee. A successful appraisal company depends on clients with repeat appraisal needs. The placement of new, high-fee assignments ahead of previously scheduled work is a well-known method to lose clients. We know it and don’t do it.

New West Consulting has developed its own scheduling and work-progress monitoring system using Microsoft’s SharePoint. This “workflow” system tracks each assignment from the client’s initial bid request through to its upload into our company archives.

One important feature of our new tracking system is that it requires regular job-status updates from each of our staff appraisers. The information retrieved from these electronic “questionnaires” enable us to better schedule our appraisal assignments and further reduce our low number of late reports.

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