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The appraisers at New West Consulting have spent an extensive amount time in designing the look and layout of our narrative reports, including fonts, line spacing, color themes, and paper quality. Our goal in this effort has been to create visually appealing documents that are also “easy-on-the-eyes.” We believe that each of our quality appraisals deserve an equally impressive client presentation.

Unfortunately, many appraisers do not place importance on the physical appearance of their narrative reports. Instead, they believe it is the level of analyses and resulting opinions of value contained within their reports that solely define the reader’s opinion of their work product. While a glossy appraisal report will not substitute for mediocre contents, the opposite is also true. A well-developed appraisal that is presented in an amateurish report will typically not receive the same reader credibility when compared with the same appraisal if presented in a polished professional manner.

Additionally, our PDF published reports utilize advanced Adobe Acrobat features for enhanced viewing and readability.


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